Personality Type for Every Day Real Life

There are many personality tests and psychometric assessment tools available. It's fun and interesting to learn your Type or Title or Colour. Often after the test, the code or title is remembered but the underlying implications are forgotten or not applied in daily life.

I work with clients who want to use Myers Briggs Type over and above gaining self understanding, those who also want to understand other people, and be willing to change their own behaviours to gain the true benefits of their Type knowledge.

So you find out you’re an Introvert or a Thinking type decision maker. What does that mean when your spouse is dragging you to their second cousin’s 400-guest wedding, or your clients are bickering with each other over the ridiculous price you arrived at for their multi-generational family homestead fixer upper?

I focus on putting Type theory into practical and immediate use in every day real life situations. I help people recognize their own and other peoples' preferences, then harness the strengths and differences to reach specific goals.

As an entrepreneur, leader, employee, parent, spouse and friend, I have used the principles of Myers-Briggs extensively for over 20 years on an almost daily basis. Type has helped me understand, appreciate and develop others, push myself beyond far beyond my comfort zones, and achieve success and a leader and entrepreneur.

I offer one-on-one and small group consulting, with in-person and online sessions available.


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Deborah Breen Whiting
Certified MBTI Practitioner since 1998
Ottawa, ON